VUELING AIRLINES is currently recruiting future Cabin Crew who are interested in starting their professional career in one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe.

CAE and VUELING are working together to recruit and train future Cabin Crew. The selected candidates will be able to join one of CAE’s courses that will take place throughout the year, based on Vueling needs and requirements.

Upon successful completion of their training programme, graduates will be employed by Vueling.

Assessment days

During the assessment days, Vueling and CAE will select the final candidates who will be able to join the course. You can download the programme requirements in this link.


Choose your preferred date and location for your Assessment day and send your application.


Interested? Get started today.



This course is only for future Cabin Crew who don’t have a certificate yet. If you already have a Cabin Crew certificate and you are thinking about applying for a job at Vueling, you can do it directly on the Vueling website.