Frequently asked questions about the Initial Safety Course in CAE

What is it for?

To obtain the Passenger Cabin Crew Certificate, in accordance with the standard set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

To be a TCP or flight attendant is it mandatory to have the Passenger Cabin or TCP Crew Certificate?

Yes, it is mandatory. You can not practice this profession without having been certified by an ATO center (approved training organization). CAE is an ATO center approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and is therefore authorized to certify our students.

Well I know a girl who did not have her stewardess course and yet an airline has come to work directly, can it be?

If possible. There are many airlines that offer employment whether you have your Certificate or not. In the second case, they will incorporate you into a training program in which you will receive the necessary training to be certified (that is, to obtain your TCP Certificate, since it is an essential requirement for the exercise of the profession).

CAE also has agreements with some airlines to coordinate your participation in any of the selection processes, even if you do not have your license, you can consult them on our website

How much does the course cost?

Our Initial Safety Course is priced at € 1800.

How long does the course take?

The duration of the course is 10 days, from Monday to Friday, with a weekend in between to study. Seven class hours are taught every day, leaving one hour at noon for lunch. In the course schedule there is more specific and detailed information about the schedule and the theoretical and practical subjects.

Only 10 days? Other schools offer courses of a much longer duration.

It is true that longer courses are offered. But we are one of the few companies that are authorized to teach such an intensive course. We have concentrated in these days all the necessary material to obtain the certificate. Our years of experience training auxiliary and thousands of certified students guarantee that the time of this training is appropriate to get the title.

The license you will obtain with us is subject to the standards set by the EU through the European Aviation Safety Agency and will be valid for the exercise of the profession in any airline of any member country of the EU, in addition to others that do not being EU countries, they have adhered to our regulations.

What are the admission requirements in the course?

In order to obtain your TCP Certificate, the only requirements are to be of legal age, to know how to swim, and to ensure that you can obtain your Medical Certificate in Class CC.

And what is the Aeronautical Medical Certificate and where is it achieved?

It is a certificate that you will obtain after passing a specific medical examination for the exercise of this profession. You should go to the medical center that most interests you by price and location, but you can only go to a medical center accredited by the State Agency for Air Safety.

When you request your registration, we will send you a link to the accredited ones, so you can make an appointment. Generally there are in all the Spanish provinces. You only have to ask for an appointment to pass the medical examination in the place that best suits your needs (budget, proximity …).

Since we will not confirm your place in the course until one month before its completion, we recommend that you ask for an appointment to pass the medical examination in the interval between your confirmation of your place and the start date of the course. We can admit you to the course without your Medical Certificate, but remember that you can NOT be hired to fly if you do not obtain an APTO Medical Certificate that accompanies your license.

So, could it be that he does not pass the medical examination?

It is not usual. Generally you would not go through any pathology that you already knew, but it is advisable that you analyze your state of health or that you previously consult with an accredited center.

And what does the medical examination consist of?

An analytical and some ophthalmic tests, audiometry, among others. You can expand the information, also regarding the pathologies that would prevent you from practicing the profession, in one of the accredited medical centers, where they can guide you better.

In relation to the requirements,

Is it true that, if my height is below a specific measurement, I have no chance of being a flight attendant?

Neither yes nor no. If any airline publishes a requirement related to altitude, you must comply. But many others do not establish it as a requirement. If you are worried, check out the latest job offers published and review what criteria related to height is established, and if you would meet it with little or much difficulty. Keep in mind that a very short stature can complicate or disable your recruitment.

My English level is low, will it be enough?

If your level of English is low it will be enough to obtain your TCP Certificate, since the courses are in Spanish. But surely you can improve it 😊, go for it, because it is a requirement demanded by airlines. Also because it will allow you to choose and succeed in a greater number of job offers. And because, in the long run, it will also allow you more professional development.

Is it worth to speak other languages?

Of course, today, the passenger cabin is a set of so many nationalities that it is ideal to speak several languages ​​to communicate with them.

How often are courses taught?

The frequency is variable and depends on the time of year. We have a calendar of courses updated and published on our website, with the idea that you can organize yourself, especially if you do not live in Madrid or Barcelona. You can also write to us, and we’ll send it to you. The registration deadlines are very long, from 3 months before the completion of the same, therefore, you have room to decide and ask all the questions that may arise.

Remember that we will not confirm the completion of any course until one month before its completion (approximately).

Where courses are taught?

The courses are taught at our facilities in Madrid (Industrial Estate No. 2, La Muñoza-Barajas, 28042-Madrid, Spain)

and Barcelona.

I do not live in Madrid or Barcelona. Where do I stay? Will you help me with the accommodation?

Of course. We will send you an informative document with some recommended accommodations (of different categories). All of them are establishments near our facilities, and with whom it has been agreed that they offer a concerted price for all our students.

If you decide on one of the establishments that we recommend, do not forget to request a price indicating that you are our student. And once you have decided, let us know, so that we can manage your reservation, but, above all, that we can follow up to ensure that our quality standards are met.

Also, in Madrid, and only in case you sign up for the Initial Security Course (for free) we can offer you a closed price, including accommodation and course (€ 2,200).

How do I sign up?

Completing the forms that we will send you when you indicate that you want to reserve a place. Write to, and we will send it to you as soon as possible. Also available on our website.

We will ask you to fill in the form and make a transfer for the amount determined as a reservation of space, so that we can block a space for you. Approximately one month before the date of completion of the course, the applications received will be reviewed and the places in the course will be assigned. It will be then when we will confirm your place and the completion of the course.

What documentation should I provide?

DNI or NIE or passport (non-EU citizens), in force at the end date of the course.

Verification of the reservation of the place.

Registration form, duly completed.

Can you miss class one day?

The course is face-to-face, so you can not miss class unless there is a cause of major cause.

Absences of assistance will be accepted only if duly justified.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Nothing. For the course there is a tablet on loan with the manual and all the content and necessary material. This tablet must be returned at the end of the course.

What do I need to bring for the internship?

For the practice of swimming pool you must bring a towel, suit and swimming shoes. The swimming cap is not necessary, it will be provided by CAE.

For practice in the model it is advisable to bring long thick socks and long-sleeved garments for the jump of the ramp.

I have heard that I will have to go to examine myself or that the Civil Aviation examiners will come, when?

You will have to examine yourself, but no examiner will come. CAE is ATO center, rememberJ. Our instructors are qualified to examine you. During the course, in continuous evaluation, as you carry out the practices. And the last day, performing an exam, type test, which you will know the result that same day.

Therefore, you will leave our facilities knowing the result. That sure is good because our pass rate is over 99%, and we are proud of it because it is due to our training program, our instructors, our facilities and of course, the work that our students do. We are a great team and we will be attentive to your needs.

What would happen if the exam is suspended or the practices are not passed?

The last day of class there are three theoretical exams. In general, you will approve. It would be exceptional if you did not do it. If you do not approve, you have a call for grace, the same day, so you can re-examine yourself. And the support of our instructors. You already know our percentage of success, I can only recommend that, if during the course, you have a problem or you are choking on a subject, please let the instructor know that you have assigned: you will know how to guide and support you to achieve your goal.

The practical sessions last long enough to repeat the tests if necessary and improve the performance of them.

What are the rules of the course?
During the course it is important to show good image, good attitude, interest and dedication.

Punctuality is an essential requirement. If you arrive late for any unforeseen event, you should call the CAE instructor and communicate it.

Mobile phones must remain silent during classes.

Where can you eat during the course?
Both CAE Madrid and CAE Barcelona have a restaurant on the ground floor, as well as vending machines and microwaves where you can heat your home’s food.

What attire is suitable for class attendance?
The image and clothing during the course must be formal, not being acceptable:

  • Sportswear, shorts and shorts.
  • Miniskirts, provocative, transparent, low-cut or visible underwear.
  • Sneakers, mountain boots and beach shoes.
  • Piercings and tattoos in visible areas.
  • Sunglasses in closed spaces.
  • Do not forget: you will be trained in a professional environment, so you will have to give a professional image.

You have completed the Initial Security course. And now that?

Now you must develop a good curriculum and, above all, review daily the many job offers that are advertised demanding professionals of this type. From CAE we will have incorporated you into our database, which means that, in the event that one of our clients (the main airlines) asks us for a profile in which you reserve, we would advise you to contact the airline.

We will send you a link at the end of the course so that you can register in our employment exchange: this way, we will always have your candidacy in mind in case one of our clients asks us for candidates with your profile.